Madrasah of Mardin Sehidiye and Repair Implementations of the Madrasah (Mardin Şehidiye Medresesi ve Onarım Uygulamaları)

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Mardin is a province in the southeast of Turkey today. In the seventh century, the city passed from the domination of the Roman Empire to the domination of the Islamic states. Mardin was a fortress city, has become a city with walls inside of that period. The artifacts of the Artuklu Principality, which ruled between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, making Mardin the capital city, are influential in Mardin's being an important city in the Middle Ages. Artuqs have built many monuments that have survived until today in Mardin. Sehidiye Madrasa is one of these. The madrasa was built in the first half of the thirteenth century; in the Sehidiye Neighborhood, which is known by its name. It is located to the south of this road, adjacent to the mainland, to the east of the urban conservation area. The monument has been used as a mosque since it lost madrasah function, and it is called "Sehidiye Mosque" among the people. The structure has undergone a large number of repairs, as can be understood from the stylistic differences in the plan of the present day. The registered first repairs begin with the seventeenth century and continue with many practices during the republican period. With different repairs, the original plan of the madrasa constantly changes. The function with the republic has also changed as a mosque. Even the most recently repaired sections on the madrasa are thought to be the original elements of the madrasa. The aims of the article are to investigate existing repair inscription and the result of many archival researches and to date the history of the architectural parts of the madrasa that had been repaired. it have been understood that many part belonging to the last madrasa had been formed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by The result of The data obtained from repairs made from the past to the present day. Reconstruction implementations especially made during the republican period are gaining importance in this examination.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Türkiye, Mardin, mimarlık, medrese, onarım, özgünlük


International Conference on Multidisciplinary, Engineering, Science, Education and Technology (IMESET’17 Bitlis) Hosted by Bitlis Eren University October 27-29, 2017, Bitlis, Turkey

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