Possibilities of Using Probiotics in Cheese

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Probiotics are live food additives that provide beneficial effects to host health by providing and improving intestinal microbial balance. Cheese is also included in these microorganisms. After the full fat milk, crema or partially or completely ground milk, buttermilk or a mixture of some or all of them has been coagulated with the appropriate proteolytic enzymes called cheese yeast or harmless organic acids; is the milk product that is obtained by whey, shaping and salting, consumed after fresh or matured. Especially, interest and expectations for these types of products are also increasing because of with increasing consumer awareness of healthy and balanced nutrition in recent years. In this sense, milk and its products, especially probiotic products, are at the forefront. Advantages of probiotic bacteria and their positive effects on human health are increasingly emphasized and there is an increase in the consumption of fermented dairy products produced with probiotic bacteria. Probiotics are used such as yoghurt, vanilla, fruit flavored and milk drinks, butter, cheese, ice cream, puddings, cakes and baby foods. In this study, the use of probiotic bacteria in cheese as well as health and nutritional properties have been compiled


Anahtar Kelimeler

Health, probiotics, cheese


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