The possibility to use three portable chlorophyll meters to estimate grain yield in rain-fed conditions

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Handheld spectroradiometers are used to estimate the canopy's reflective properties, the condition of the plants. In this study, the potential use of three devices (SPAD, Greenseeker and CM 1000 chlorophyll meter) was compared that can estimate indirect the chlorophyll content of the leaves. The present research was established in four replications according to the randomized complete block design in the rain-fed conditions of Diyarbakir in the growing season of 2019. Seven barley cultivars were used as plant material. Chlorophyll measurements from leaves were taken in 2 different plant growth periods (anthesis and milky stage). Greenseeker showed changes between 0.51-0.75 in anthesis and 0.43-0.6 at milk stage. SPAD varied between 30-47.3 in anthesis and 27.6-46.7 in milk stage. CM1000 ranged from 217-548 in anthesis, 121-370 in milk. It was observed that the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf decreased in the milk period compared to the anthesis period. Significant regression relationships were determined with SPAD and greenseeker during anthesis R2 = 0.194* and greenseeker and grain yield at anthesis period R2 = 0.151*. As a result of the study, a significant relationship was found between only grain yield and greenseeker during the anthesis period under rain-based conditions. It has been observed that there is no relationship between other measuring portable devices and grain yield.


Anahtar Kelimeler

NDVI, SPAD, CM 1000, Regression analysis, grain yield


3rd International African Congference on Current Studies of Science, Technology & Social Sciences

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