Effect of Auricular Acupressure in Management of Constipation in Palliative Care Patients

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Objectives: This experimental randomized-controlled study was performed to define the efficacy of auricular acupressure (AA) in the management of constipation developing in palliative care patients. Methods: According to the pre-prepared randomization list, 44 patients were included in the experimental group and 46 patients were included in the control group. Routine clinical treatment and care implementation were maintained in the patients in both groups. AA was performed for 4 weeks in patients in the experimental group. During the study, to determine the complaints of the patients regarding constipation, the information in the daily patient chart was examined at least 5 times by interviewing with the patient/patient's relative in the clinic and/or via phone call, and the results were recorded in the patient chart and data collection forms. The independent variable of the study is AA application, and the dependent variables are constipation and quality of life. Results: It was determined that there was no statistically significant difference between the daily defecation frequency of the 2 groups during the first 11 days. However, after the 12th day, the daily stool frequency of the experimental group was higher compared to the control group and this difference obtained between the 2 groups was statistically significantly different. AA was effective in decreasing laxative use. Conclusion: This intervention increased stool frequency, reduced physical and psychosocial symptoms, anxieties, and improved stool satisfaction and it was an effective approach to improving the quality of life. It is recommended that the daily use of AA should be evaluated. The healthcare providers including nurses, patients, and patient relatives should be trained regarding AA.


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Breast, Chemometry


Journal of Palliative Care

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Biçak Ayik D, Can G. Effect of Auricular Acupressure in Management of Constipation in Palliative Care Patients. Journal of Palliative Care. 2023;0(0). doi:10.1177/08258597231181040