Do we need them or they need us? –anthrozoological study on domestic herds in Southeast Anatolia

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Anthrozoology is the study of the relationships between human and animals. This newly developed field incorporates with some other disciplines such as animal behaviour science, veterinary medicine, zoology, psychology, physiology, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. Animals have great roles in our lives and we in theirs. We ensure food, shelter and protection for animals, and in returns, they provide companionship, happiness, nourishment, wealth and sustainability in our society. Since the beginning of animal domestication, this mutual understanding developed with many complex relationships between us. Anthrozoology emphasises on these positive relationships. Anatolia is one of the significant places where humans first domesticated some ungulate species around 11000 years ago in Early Neolithic period, and still today, this region is considered to be one of the most important places for domestic herds, especially ovicaprid population in the world. Therefore, this region is a crucial place for studying different aspects of interactions between humans and domestic herds. Unfortunately, no significant research has been taken in the region so far regarding this issue. Through participant observations and exploratory case studies, this anthrozoological field research on pastoral societies in Southeast Anatolia aimed to explore how deeply are we involved with domestic animals and they are with us.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Anthrozoology, Animals, Human–animal interaction, Southeast Anatolia, Turkey


19th International Veterinary Medicine Students Scientific Research Congress

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Abu Bakar Siddiq, Ermiş Özkan, & Vedat Onar (2017). Do we need them or they need us? –anthrozoological study on domestic herds in Southeast Anatolia. 19. Uluslararası Veteriner Hekimliği Öğrencileri Bilimsel Araştırma Kongresi, Istanbul Universitesi, 1, 25-26.