The Effect of Satisfaction in Implementing Professional Behaviors in Nursing Students

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International Journal of Caring Sciences

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Abstract Background: Professionalism is a significant objective for all professions that is a must factor in health disciplines. Objective: In this study was performed to determine the effect of nursing students' satisfaction in clinical environment on the application of professional behaviors. Methods: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional study. The sample consists of the totally 340 students, 3rd and 4th grade in nursing department of two university. Data were collected between October and November 2017 by using Student Satisfaction Scale (SSS) and Nursing Students Professional Behavior Scale (NSPBS). Data were analyzed through the descriptive, comparative and correlative analyses via IBM SPSS Statistics 21. Results: The study found that students' application scores of professional behaviors was 43.58±13.36 (α=.93) and student satisfaction mean score was 2.57±0.76 (α=.92). These two variables showed that there is a positive weak relationship between them. The was a weak but positive and highly significant difference between SSS and NSPBS scores (r=.239,p<.001).Discussions: It is thought that supporting students academically to let them have education opportunity that constantly provide vocational development and ensuring satisfaction can help them develop professionalbehaviors during nursing education.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Nurse, Student, Professional behavior, Student satisfaction


International Journal of Caring Sciences

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May – August 2019 Volume 12 | Issue 2| Page 844.


May – August 2019 Volume 12 | Issue 2|