Yeni Medyanın, Yeni Yıldızları Youtuberların Türkiye’deki Genel Görünümü

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Adnan Menderes University

Erişim Hakkı



Concurrently with the expansion of communication and transport facilities, growing number of users every day a little more social media, as well as all over the world, it has become part of everyday life in Turkey. Social media is also causing new business areas such as many social institutions and habits to be deeply influenced and transformed. One of the new business areas that emerged with the widespread use of social media was the preparation of content for video sharing sites, which are referred to as "YouTuber". The young content creators who have the opportunity to earn money and fame with the videos they upload to Youtube have opened their way to become a business line of their work. YouTube since May 2013 with the YouTube Partnership Program to also implement in Turkey, Turkish youth have rapidly increased interest in Youtubers and gained fame and reputation as well as by many young youtubers in a short time. This study clarifies the general view youtuber in Turkey has been making predictions about the future.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Youtuber, yeni medya


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Işık, M. (2018). “Yeni Medyanın, Yeni Yıldızları Youtuberların Türkiye’deki Genel Görünümü” “The 1st International Cultural Informatics, Communication & Media Studies” Sempozyumu Bildiri Kitabı, s.384-393,