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      21st century skills, learner skills, correlational research, algorithmic thinking, digital literacy [1]
      : The central placement exams are believed to be a test which is important for students in setting up a university and choosing a career. In this respect, it is important to get the views of teachers and students on the test. This research aimed to reveal the central placement examination system based on the opinions of teachers and students. Qualitative research methodology, case study designation was used in the research. The study group consists of 47 teachers who work in five different secondary schools in Kızıltepe District of Mardin in the academic year of 2017-2018 and 60 students studying in these schools. The study group was formed by sampling with purpose. The data of the study were obtained by interview form developed by the researcher. The data were subjected to content analysis. The results were coded and the themes were formed according to the results. According to the findings obtained, teachers and students have made evaluations about the examination system. According to the teacher and students’ opinions, the students stated that they prepared according to the TEOG exam at the beginning of the year and that the new examination system negatively affected the students psychologically, lowered their motivation, decreased the lesson, negatively affected their socialization, and increased the number of exam subjects. [1]
      Academic achievement, academic success, meta-analysis, meta-review, systematic review [1]
      academic achievement, ARCS, meta-analysis, motivation. [1]
      academic achievement, correlates, higher education, longitudinal research, path analysis [1]
      Academic achievement, teacher attitudes, high-school students [1]
      access permissions, age rating, Mobile games, PEGI [1]
      Aday öğretmenler [1]
      Adaylık eğitimi [1]
      ADDIE [1]
      adolescents, loneliness, ostracism, perceived social competence, Self-esteem [1]
      Aile, akraba, soy bağı, ders kitabı, Türkçe dersi. [1]
      Aile, demokrasi, sosyoloji, eğitim, çocuk [1]
      Akademik başarı, öğretmen tutumları, lise öğrencileri [1]
      Alman Oryantalizmi, Uygulamalı Oryantalizm, Zazalar, Zazaca, Aryan Mühendisliği [1]
      anxiety, depression, distance learning, motivation, pandemic, uncertainty [1]
      Attitude [1]
      Attitudes towards Inclusive Education Scale (AIES) [1]
      augmented reality [1]
      Basic Training Course [1]