Comparison of Energy and Cost Analysis of Two Different Industrial Corn Drying Plants Using Solid Fuel

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In this study, the energy and cost analyzes of two different corn drying plants using solid fuel in the heating of drying air are performed. In the evaluated drying processes, corn which has high humidity, dried to a value below 15% relative humidity which is the storage humidity. In the drying process, thermodynamic properties such as temperature, relative humidity and air velocity of the node points determined in the systems were measured. The continuous operating temperatures of the facilities specified for analyzes were taken into account. In the analyzes, measurements were made for the drying air inlet temperatures of drying plants which was drying temperature of 70°C and 112°C. Based on the results obtained at the determined nodes, the influences on the inlet temperature of the drying air, the thermal value of the fuel, the fuel consumption, the energy efficiency and the unit drying cost have been evaluated. As a result, it has been found that the increase in inlet air temperature reduces boiler efficiency and energy efficiency, increases unit drying cost and fuel consumption. It has been found that high thermal value fuel usage has an important role in decreasing drying time as it allows working at high temperatures.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Drying, Corn Drying, Grain Drying, Energy and Cost Analysis Comparison, Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY


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