Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Branched MagneticChitosan Nanocomposite for Anti-Cancer Drug Loading andRelease System

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6th International BAU Drug Design Congress

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Chemotherapy is used one of the best methods in cancer treatment. One of the most important problems of cancer chemotherapy nowadays is used that the anti-cancer drugs do not have the ability to recognize cancer cells and show toxic effects on healthy cells 1,2,3. In addition, administration of high doses of the drug is given to the body to provide a therapeutic dose concentration, this situation is causes severe side effects and systemic toxicity, and if not controlled it can result in death. Therefore, delivering the drug to target cell within the body and developing of drug delivery system providing controlled release are of great importance. In recent years, the development of the systems in which drug is delivered magnetically to the target is drawing considerable attention since it is a current issue. It is possible to eliminate the most of the problems caused by high doses of chemotherapy by using the magnetic drug delivery systems.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Drug release; Magnetic nanocomposite; Magnetic targeting; Novel branched chitosan


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