Hunting-Gathering Subsistence of Munda Tribe in Tropical Rainforest of Northeastern Bangladesh

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The Munda people have unique ethnic identity as one of the largest tribes in Indian subcontinent. They have long history and distinctive language as well as religious and cultural identity. In Bangladesh, they are currently living in different geographical location over the country. Historically, hunting and gathering was the ancestral and inherited practice for everyday subsistence in Mundas. Although the ancestral way of living has been destroyed in most parts of the region through different political changes and technological advancements, there are still some Mundas who are found practicing their lives attached with nature. This study is attempted to construct a data source on hunting-gathering practices of Munda tribe as well as to focus on techniques and methods in which they fulfill their basic subsistence maintaining a very close connection with Mother Nature. Aiming this, ethnographic field works have been performed on Munda tribe of Palkichara village in north-eastern Bangladesh. Exploratory case studies, both participatory and non-participatory observations; individual, household and group interviews have been carried out for the primary data sources on subsistence pattern as well as sociocultural structures. With the support of rich ethnographic and empirical data, this study shows that the Munda people of Palkichara village are still unique with their ancestral way of living despite of being socio-economically effected by various facts. It also illustrates that hunting and gathering are in the centre of their every aspect of life. Moreover, this research suggests that, being completely attached with nature and almost untouched by rest of the world, Mundas in Palkichara may demonstrate the subsistence strategies of prehistoric hunter gatherers.


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Culture and Society

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Siddiq, A.B., Habib, A. & Chowdhury, A.H. (2018). Hunting-Gathering Subsistence of Munda Tribe in Tropical Rainforest of Northeastern Bangladesh. Culture and Society, 1, 59-71. Department of Anthropology, University of Rajshahi, ISSN: 2616-8022.