Effects of Ergonomic Risk Parameters on Gender

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International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations

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This electronic Hotel management in tourism is part of the development of a country, and in this sector, the sales and marketing department has been successfully transferred to the business chain. Today, ergonomics is considered an interdisciplinary science and has become an important part of working life. It actively reflects the comfort of the employee in the working area, the work system, the efforts, and determination of the work to protect human health at the workplace and minimize the possibility of an accident. If the ergonomic conditions of the employees are to be controlled, it can be achieved by increasing the safety and security of the working conditions, the sense of belonging and property, by reducing social and psychological disorders, and by improving work performance. Thus, comfort, and therefore the risks of work accidents are minimized. The main purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a boutique hotel in the Southeastern Turkey on gender differences operating under possible ergonomic risk conditions. For this purpose, an equal number of surveys were conducted on male and female employees in order to obtain healthy results in this field. In the analysis phase, a questionnaire based on the variables of the environmental and psychological factors of the ergonomic working conditions of the employees was used. The questionnaire filled by the participants was evaluated with the scores between 1 and 5, and the average scores of the two factors were examined separately and the data were compared. After the evaluation questionnaire, it is believed that the parameters that pass the risk assessment for female and male employees can be determined and measures can be determined for the company by creating a healthy working environment by shedding light on other studies in this field and by arranging ergonomic risks.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Hotel Management, Ergonomics, Gender, Risk Factors



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Sumer, Dilek. (2020). "Effects of Ergonomic Risk Parameters on Gender" International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations .