Assessment of Yield and Quality of Some Triticale Genotypes in South-Eastern Anatolia

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This research was conducted to assess of yield and its component in different locations some triticale genotypes. The field experiment was arranged to the randomized complete block design with four replications during the 2012-13 growing seasons under Diyarbakir and Mardin ecological conditions. Three triticale cultivars (Ege Yildizi, Fahad-5 and Karma 2000) and two advanced lines (Line DZT-01 and Line DZT-06) were used as material. SPAD, protein content, test weight, thousand kernel weight, starch content, wet gluten, zeleny sedimentation and grain yield were evaluated. According to the findings of research, genotypic differences were found significant for SPAD, grain yield, thousand kernel weight and test weight. The values ranged in genotypes were between 51.8-57.3 in SPAD, 5043.9-6469.3 kg ha-1 in grain yield, 35.31-45.81 g in thousand kernel weight, 71.38-78.72 kg hL-1 in test weight, 13.1-13.7% in protein content, 64.27-65.94% in starch content, 28.71-30.61% in wet gluten and 40.42-45.67 mL in zeleny sedimentation. Significant positive correlation between protein content with gluten content and zeleny sedimentation in both locations was found. With regard to grain yield and some quality traits of Line DZT01 and quality traits of Line DZT-06 were highest than commercial cultivars in both locations. Line DZT 01 and Line DZT-06 were found as promising line. These lines can be new cultivar candidates and could be recommended to sown in South-Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.


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Tritikale, tane verimi, protein içeriği, SPAD


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