A New Settlement from the Epi-Palaeolithic Period: The Operational Sequence and Techno-Typology of the Knapped Stone Industry at the Kızılin Site (Antalya, Turkey)


Kızılin is a cave settlement within the provincial borders of Antalya. The settlement is dated to the Epi-palaeolithic period. Some knapped stone findings were identified during the terrace excavation conducted in this site. This study focuses on examining the knapped stone chaîne opératoire of the inhabitants, and on analyzing the knapped stone findings by a technotypological approach. Our analyses led us to identify all technological phases of knapped stone process practiced at the Kızılin site. Typologically, the knapped stone tool industry was found to consist of microliths and macroliths. It has been observed that the microliths are higher in number compared to the macroliths. In this context, the results obtained were compared with the Epi-palaeolithic layers of Öküzini and Karain settlements where their similarities and differences are revealed.


Anahtar Kelimeler


WoS Q Değeri


Scopus Q Değeri