Diagnosis of schizophrenia based on transformation from EEG sub-bands to the image with deep learning architecture

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Electroencephalogram is a low-cost, non-invasive, and high-entropy signal and thus has huge potential for clinical diagnosis of neurological diseases and brain–computer interface applications. Schizophrenia is one of the most severe diseases that show behavioral manifestations that are easily uncovered by specialists. In this context, the electroencephalogram analysis becomes more important for the automatic diagnosis of schizophrenia disease in the clinical process. In this study, a deep learning architecture, namely ResNet, aims to classify schizophrenia is proposed. The proposed system transforms wavelet sub-bands of the electroencephalogram into two-dimensional image space, which is considered the main unique contribution of the study. Thus, the disease indicators and features included in images could be figured out. Moreover, a discussion on the class activation maps was made to give a wide perspective on the features related to the disease. The proposed system was implemented on a large-scale electroencephalogram database containing records from unhealthy and healthy patients in various phases. The ResNet was implemented in three modes to give a thorough perspective in terms of the metrics of the diagnosis accuracy. The proposed system achieves 92.94% diagnosis accuracy rate, and the result shows that the proposed transformation-based solution is owing to the features related to schizophrenia disease


Anahtar Kelimeler

Automatic diagnosis, Deep learning, EEG, Schizophrenia, Transformation


Soft Computing

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TÜRK, Ö., ALDEMİR, E., ACAR, E., & ERTUĞRUL, Ö. F. (2023). Diagnosis of schizophrenia based on transformation from EEG sub-bands to the image with deep learning architecture. SOFT COMPUTING, 0–0.